Tuesday 25th August 2020 – Alongide at Grimsby

We’ve just had one of those arghh! moments when looking back at previous spelling errors, we shall use the excuse of being tired and with the motion of the boat hitting wrong keys. Guess what? It’s raining again today, winds are strong and we are happy to be safe and amongst such friendly folk hereContinue reading “Tuesday 25th August 2020 – Alongide at Grimsby”

Monday 24th August 2020 – Inverness to Grimsby – 369nm 68hrs

Well this was an eventful little jaunt. As previously mentioned we were waiting in the safe haven of Inverness for a few days for wind and tides to be in our favour for heading south. On Friday afternoon we were well rested, the conditions were as good as they were likely to be for severalContinue reading “Monday 24th August 2020 – Inverness to Grimsby – 369nm 68hrs”

Thursday 20th and Friday 21st August 2020 – Ashore at Inverness

It was a lovely day yesterday so Row went off for a walk which took her along a footpath with the Caledonian Canal on one side and the River Ness on the other. There was an abundance of wild flowers and she also saw a hen harrier – after 10 miles thought it would beContinue reading “Thursday 20th and Friday 21st August 2020 – Ashore at Inverness”

Wednesday 19th August 2020 – Ashore at Muirtown (Inverness)

My name is Artie, I have smokey grey fur, I’m of the feline persuasion;In twilight hours I hone foraging skills and practise escape and evasion.Tim thought he was funny, he thought it was clever to block my usual exit,I’ve been press ganged into being at sea and tortured with opinions on Brexit. Last night IContinue reading “Wednesday 19th August 2020 – Ashore at Muirtown (Inverness)”

Tuesday 18th August 2020 – Ashore at Muirtown, Inverness

It’s only a short walk into the heart of the City and we spent most of the day happily wandering about the lanes and calling into Wetherspoons to dry out…. yes it’s raining again. We took a long time over lunch and found that not only were the Wetherspoon meal deals great value but theContinue reading “Tuesday 18th August 2020 – Ashore at Muirtown, Inverness”

Monday 17th August 2020 – Ashore at Muirtown

Woke up to find all the visiting boats had left and we were ‘Billy no mates’ on the pontoon. We did a recce of the sea lock and found out what time it would open on Wednesday for us and on the way back saw a couple of boats traveling down the staircase we hadContinue reading “Monday 17th August 2020 – Ashore at Muirtown”

Sunday 16th August 2020 – Ashore at Muirtown

The young crew from ‘Muffin’ came on board last night, it turned out that Simon was already in the 3rd Battalion Royal Anglian and going through the process of joining up full time. He and Tim sat up late into the wee hours. Talavera was in the second batch of boats to go through theContinue reading “Sunday 16th August 2020 – Ashore at Muirtown”

Saturday 15th August 2020 – Fort Augustus to Muirtown – 36nm – 7hrs

Artie decided to escape last night, he got through the smallest of gaps in the cockpit tent but gave himself away by crashing about on the table first. So we sleepily got up and went in search of him. He hadn’t gone far and had taken the route of a previous walk so maybe heContinue reading “Saturday 15th August 2020 – Fort Augustus to Muirtown – 36nm – 7hrs”

Friday 14th August 2020 – Ashore at Fort Augustus

At 08:30 there was a buzz of activity as the hire boats moving onwards through the next staircase of locks headed on down. There were five chambers to get through and only one time slot per day. We thought this was a good opportunity to take the day off sailing and look around the area.Continue reading “Friday 14th August 2020 – Ashore at Fort Augustus”