Tuesday 25th August 2020 – Alongide at Grimsby

Talavera alongside in Grimsby with Kevin Wilson

We’ve just had one of those arghh! moments when looking back at previous spelling errors, we shall use the excuse of being tired and with the motion of the boat hitting wrong keys.

Guess what? It’s raining again today, winds are strong and we are happy to be safe and amongst such friendly folk here at Grimsby. The facilities are excellent here, including clubhouse that is open (ish), but not providing usual meals or bar; members and visiting boats can take into the club their own food and drinks and enjoy the atmosphere of meeting (at a distance) with other people, also socialising (at a distance) along the pontoons. So we are very pleased to be able to stay for a few days until the storm abates.

What a great day we’ve had. We decided to stroll into town and find a pub for lunch, we ended up following the blue dot on our phones into Cleethorpes and then double tracking back to more or less where we started. We found a street named after Hilda, which Row found amusing (never seen an episode of Coronation Street but understand it’s a past character) and she’s also been called ‘Duck’ today so she’s made up. Speaking of ducks there’s a very angry swan next to our boat that takes a bite out of Row’s leg every time she steps onto the pontoon – it obviously enjoys getting a kick in the head.

Come on if you think you are hard enough
Grimsby library odd fascia

We had a fabulous meal, local caught fish, followed by rum with mango and pineapple bits in it, very girlie pink and scented, Tim was happy drinking it.

Sobering up with coffee

It was an education. The table next to us had a party of four which an episode of ‘grumpy old men’ would be proud of, possibly the most crass conversation ever overheard in a public place, and after 44 years of being in the army that takes some doing. Followed by a family of 3 generations, should have been a lovely experience, but the grandkids had electronic games, all on different settings and all at maximum speaker levels, well…. we’re no angels but feel quite proud right now that our grandkids would behave much better than that.

Tim’s back was aching so much that we needed to hobble out for a taxi and Row was challenged to get him out in one piece.

Now back on board Talavera we have winds blowing at a steady 31kts gusting stupid.

We phoned the RNLI at Scarborough to thank the guys again and had a brilliant conversation with the crews, our claim to fame – we are on the opening page of the RNLI website! Don’t know if we secretly class as ‘wallies of the week’ but hey, all in good spirits.

Fame at last

Kevin Wilson, a mate from the Poacher’s drums platoon, came on board – great to see him with friends, Trudy and Steve.

Whilst on board and showing the engine room Artie did his daily checks – all good.

All ok skipper

Thanks to Poachers and Hornet friends who are sending us messages – great to hear from you all.

Published by Sailing with the Ship’s Cat

Tim & Rowena Heale sail on Talavera a Hallberg Rassy 36 mk2 and this summer 2018 they plan to sail from Gosport to the Baltic, follow their journey as they travel north.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday 25th August 2020 – Alongide at Grimsby

  1. Eh up, sounds like tha’s ‘avin a bit of fun at last. Make sure tha has some black puddin and don’t go bringing home any whippets.


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