Tuesday 14th July 2020 – at anchor – St Agnes

This morning we attempted to fix the dinghy’s outboard motor, which hadn’t been firing since our arrival in the Scillies. Changing the plug didn’t make any difference so it’s probably dodgy fuel, as the nearest fuel station is at St Mary’s we’ll carry on using the oars for now. Although the shoreline is close toContinue reading “Tuesday 14th July 2020 – at anchor – St Agnes”

Sailing with the Ship’s Cat new journey starts

Sailing with the Ship’s Cat blog 1 for the belated 2020 season. We have spent the last few weeks getting Talavera ready for our sailing season, since the lockdown we haven’t had access to the boat. During the lockdown I have spent a few quid on some new stuff for the boat. We now haveContinue reading “Sailing with the Ship’s Cat new journey starts”

What a difference a day makes

All was going so well, beautiful moon over Newtown Creek then around midnight the wind started to pick up and by 7 o’clock this morning the wind was gusting 25 knots, fortunately it was southwesterly so a run back to Gosport. Artie the Ship’s Cat was on stand down watch this morning having been onContinue reading “What a difference a day makes”

Introducing Artie the Ship’s Cat

Hi this is Artie the Ship’s Cat, he travels on Talavera a Hallberg Rassy 36 mk 2 with his two slaves Tim and Rowena. The plan this year is to sail around the United Kingdom going anti-clockwise leaving at the beginning of May but we will be having a few beat up sails before weContinue reading “Introducing Artie the Ship’s Cat”