The final leg Monday 1st September 2020 – Ramsgate to Gosport – 119nm – 16hrs

The final leg home

We had a 04:00 start, with calm seas and a beautiful full moon, ideal conditions for sneaking across the channel. One mile out from Dover we saw two dinghies being towed in to the port by UK Border Force and another Border Force boat leaving Dover to pick up more people. At 11:00. we heard on Ch.16 two yachts reporting different sightings of overcrowded dinghies trying to beach at Dungeness. We had passed Dungeness four hours earlier and needed to be at least three miles out, due to firing ranges being active.
Not sure how those dinghies made it through.

Dungeness power station and landing place for illegal migrants

It was good to see the chalk cliffs leading to Hastings and Eastbourne then around to Beachy Head. It felt like home turf because we had kept our first boat at Newhaven, but we weren’t tempted to re-visit as Gosport beckoned.

Heading for Beachy Head
Beachy Head
Passed Beachy Head

There was very little wind but hallelujah the sun shone brightly for a few hours. It was the first full day since leaving the Scillies that we have not worn either fleeces or wet weather gear, or both. Fabulous spirits onboard ‘Talavera’.

Seven Sisters
Artie the Ship’s Cat taking is easy, again!

As we approached Gosport the sun was just going down, there was a beautiful sunset and the Spinnaker Tower was lit up with lilac lights, the ‘lipstick’ building close by shone its blue lights and the harbour looked great. As we headed into Hornet Artie knew exactly where he was and like a figure head posed on the deck as we came alongside.

Sunset over the Isle of Wight
Portsmouth at night

We have now completed our 1700 nm passage around the UK (well almost we cheated and went through the Caledonian Canal), it has been a wonderful experience.

Artie the Ship’s Cat looking forward to getting home

Today, Wednesday 2nd September, we had ‘Talavera’ lifted out of water to check the underside, all is well except for minor dinks to the rudder which we can sort out. We found some muscles growing inside the gunnel drain which will take some scraping out – but we’re up for a challenge.

Minor damage on the rudder skeg and rudder
nothing a bit of gel coat repair can’t fix

Published by Sailing with the Ship’s Cat

Tim & Rowena Heale sail on Talavera a Hallberg Rassy 36 mk2 and this summer 2018 they plan to sail from Gosport to the Baltic, follow their journey as they travel north.

3 thoughts on “The final leg Monday 1st September 2020 – Ramsgate to Gosport – 119nm – 16hrs

  1. Well done. Bet you are glad to be home. When is the next trip? And where to?

    How is it at home? Is Artie glad to be back?

    Lots love and hope to see you soon.


  2. Welcome home!
    What a fantastic adventure you’ve all had! Thank you for sharing your trip with us. Looking forward to more in the future!
    Splice the mainbrace! X


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